Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office

During a time when the internet seems to be the only constant thing in our life, WiFi routers have become an essential item for those who can’t live without the internet.

For everything we now need the internet. Our whole life is getting digitalized.

From interacting with people to booking tickets for movies or flights, everything is done through the internet. The ‘e’ for electronics is getting added to everything.

Moreover, this pandemic has further shown us the importance of the internet. Now from doing online classes to doing office work from home, ordering groceries, and other essential items, we are using the internet for everything.

Thus having a wifi connection at home or office really helps to do all the work smoothly. And for that a wifi router is required.

What Is A Wifi Router?

Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India

This device helps you to connect all your devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs or printers, etc. to the local internet service that is available in your area.

It is the middle man between your internet and the LAN. It receives information from and transmits information to the internet. 

How Is A Router Different From A Modem?

You cannot just have an internet connection with a router. You also need a modem for that. Without a modem you will have a LAN but no internet connection for your devices.

In simple words, a modem brings the internet connection from your local internet service provider to your router, and then the router connects your devices to that internet connection.

A modem provides the ethernet cable output that you can plug to any router and get an internet connection.

Benefits Of Having A Wifi Router At Home Or Office

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 1

Easy internet connection – A wifi router allows you to connect to the internet anytime or 24/7 without the hassle of any wires.

Mobility – If you have a wifi router at home you can have internet connection anywhere within your home.

Gone are the days of sitting in one place and doing work because you will get the internet only on your computer through wires.

You can do all the work from any of your mobile devices like laptops, phones, etc. if you have a wireless router.

Multiple connections – With the wires, the days of having internet connection only on one device are also gone.

Now with a wireless router, you can connect as many devices as you want, based on the power of the router.

Each device will run smoothly and will get connected with the router using its distinct IP address.

These are some of the most basic benefits that you can get from a wifi router.

How Will You Choose The Best Wifi Router? (Buyers’ Guide)

Look into the below mentioned factors while choosing a wifi router.

Wifi Standards – Wifi Standards are related to the speed that a router provides. It’s best to look for the latest standards i.e. 802.11ac which can give you support for even gigabit speed.

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 2
Source: Research Gate

Not only with the new devices, but these routers are also compatible with the older ones.

Wifi Speed – Always remember that manufacturers will tell you about speed which may rarely occur in some labs under ideal conditions. You will hardly see them in some realistic situations like our home or office.

However, you can always go for the latest wifi standards which can give you the maximum speed.

Wired Interfaces of Routers – Some routers are connected to broadband while some to ethernet or USB. So before buying a router check what kind of connectivity you require.

You can opt for a wired ethernet connection, and the best one can provide you a speed of 1 Gbps or you can also go for USB connections. USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 is much faster than the old USB 2.0.

Compatibility with Broadband Provider – Routers need to be connected to a broadband provider.

So always choose something which will be compatible with your broadband services. The speed of both the broadband and the router should match.

Wifi Bands – Routers generally have two wifi bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. These are called the dual-band wifi routers.

There are also some tri-band routers available. But for domestic purposes, it is advisable to use a dual-band.

For geeks, check this article to know more about Dual Band wifi routers.

MU-MIMO Facility – This feature in a router provides higher-speed data and also if multiple devices are streaming videos at the same time using the same router then it’s a great advantage.

Router Antennas – Some routers have antennas outside the case. Those may not look good but they catch strong signals. There are also other routers which have internal antennas, though they look elegant but their signal remains weak.

Routers with antennal antennas that had no position adjustment provide the best coverage.

Beam-Forming Feature – Some advanced routers have this feature which helps to deliver strong signal and higher speed.

It enables the router to concentrate the signal towards some specific device instead of spreading the same signal over a whole area.

Wifi Security – Having internet security is very important otherwise there is a high chance of leaking your personal details like bank account details or card details.

Make sure whatever router you are buying it uses at least WPA2 protocol.

Nowadays manufacturers also include other safety features like you can add extra encryption, block unwanted users, etc. So buy a product which suits your safety needs.

So, these are the few points that you should always consider while purchasing a wifi router.

List of 10 Best Dual Band Wifi Routers for Home & Office in India 2020

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 3

These wireless wifi routers are excellent for medium to heavy usage like watching movies online in HD/4K resolution, streaming/playing online games and has stable coverage with maximum range.

You can consider them for both home & office use.

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 4

It is a dual-band router that operates with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and the latest 802.11ac wifi standard. This is the best wifi router in India for home, if you’re buying for entertainment & gaming purpose.

The wifi standard speeds up the data transfer up to 1.75 Gbps. The 5 GHz band provides 1300 Mbps whereas the 2.4 GHz provides 450 Mbps.

It has 3 outside detachable 5dBi antennas serving the 5 GHz band along with 3 internal antennas serving the 2.4 GHz band.

There is a multifunctional  USB 2.0 port.

The router is equipped with full Gigabit connectivity. It has one Gigabit WAN port and four Gigabit LAN ports.

Some other features are –

  • Guest network – Creates a separate guest network for the visitor and thus keeps the main network safe.
  • Parental control – Parents can restrict the access time and contents for those devices used by their children.

The device is easy to set up and can be controlled using the Tether app which is available on both Android and iOS phones.


  • Overall it is one of the best choices for online gaming or HD video streaming purposes.
  • The high-quality antenna technology helps to maintain high speed over a large area.
  • Using the USB port you can share files or media with other devices on the network or can use a local printer.
  • The whole Gigabit connectivity provides 10 times faster speed than a standard ethernet connection.
  • For safety purposes, it has the advanced IPv6 protocol.

Cons –

Wifi Signal Range.

Tenda AC10 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 5

It is a smart dual-band wireless router with full Gigabit connectivity.

The 2.4 GHz band supports 300 Mbps and the 5 GHz band supports 867 Mbps.

There are four 5 dBi Omni-directional antennas, which provide great coverage and multiple devices can work smoothly using the router.

It comes with three LAN Gigabit and 1 WAN Gigabit ports.

It has the latest 802.11ac wifi standard which supports Gigabit speeds.

With its 1 GHz CPU and 128 MB DDR3, you can smoothly enjoy video streaming and gaming.

Some of its other smart features are –

  • Parental control, 
  • Universal repeater mode, 
  • Wifi schedule,
  • Signal power adjustment, 
  • Bandwidth control,
  • WPS,
  • Blocking system, and 
  • Smart LED lights.

Pros –

  • It has MU-MIMO and beam-forming technology which ensures higher speed and stronger signal.
  • The router can support more than 30 devices on its network.
  • In case you forget your username or password, it can migrate your PPPoE username and password from the router.
  • Overall this router delivers the exact speed and range which is perfect for domestic use and is also available at an affordable price.


  • In case of any problem finding a service center of this company can be a problem.

VerdictOne of the best wifi router in India for streaming games online or watches 1080p/4K resolution videos on OTT services like Netflix, Amazon prime.

Asus RT-AC59U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 1

This one is perfect for online gaming, HD video streaming, or media sharing.

This device is powered by 5th generation wifi with the latest 802.11ac chipset.

It has two bands and four omni-directional antennas. The 2.1 GHz band supports 600 Mbps whereas the 5 GHz band supports 867 Mbps.

The router has full Gigabit connectivity. It is equipped with 4 Gigabit LAN ports, which can speed up to 4 Gbps simultaneously.

It also has a USB 2.0 port for sharing media and files with other devices on the network.

Other notable features are –

  • Parental control,
  • AiDisk,
  • SSIDs, and
  • Supports MOD IPTV.

The ASUS Router App helps you to set up your router, manage network traffic, diagnose connection issues, and even in updating the firmware without any help from any PC.

You can use a VPN server to access data with encryption connection.

Pros –

  • The Gigabit LAN ports deliver 10 times more speed than a standard ethernet connection.
  • This device is perfect for smart TVs, game consoles, cable boxes, media players, NAS storage devices, etc.
  • You can apply security settings on all the devices that use the network of this router.


  • It takes time to reboot in case of making changes in the settings.

VerdictThis is also one of the best coverage wifi router in India.

Netgear R6220 AC1200

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 7

This Netgear smart wifi router has an 880 MHz processor along with a 128 MB of flash memory and 128 Mb of RAM.

This is a dual-band router with two external antennas, which provides a strong signal. The two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands support 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps speed respectively.

It is equipped with 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 USB 2.0 port.

Out of 5 Gigabit ports, there are 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port.

There are multiple safety features on this device.

  • Supports IPv6
  • WPA / WPA2 – PSK
  • Double firewall protection – SPI and NAT firewall
  • Denial of Service (DoS) features in case of any forced entry.

The device can be controlled using the Nighthawk app.

It can support more than 8 devices.

Pros –

  • It is highly equipped with safety measures.
  • The router also provides the parental control feature to restrict the access time and some content for children.
  • This device is very suitable for domestic use.

Cons –

  • Sometimes the internet speed can get a bit unstable.

VerdictOur choice for the best wifi router with the maximum range in India. Perfect for both heavy domestic & office use.

D-Link DIR-1360 Dual Band Router  

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 8

D-Link is another brand well known for their routers.

It is a dual-band router that does not require a modem.

Along with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, it also has four external antennas that are Omni-directional in nature.

The router has dual-core processors.

It comes with four LAN Ethernet ports and one USB port.

The router provides a speed of 1300 Mbps.

The device comes with the power button, reset button, and the WPS button.

It is a mesh wifi router, hence very suitable for large homes or offices.

Pros –

  • It has voice control and parental control features.
  • The device automatically gets updated and is virus protected.
  • Since the antennas are Omni-directional so you can move them in different directions to catch the strong signal.

Cons –

  • Does not have Gigabit connectivity.

D-Link DIR-819 Dual Band Router 

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 9

Here is another one from D-Link, but this is a bit different from the previous one.

This black color dual-band router has three external antennas.

The router can provide a speed of a maximum of 750  Mbps.

the two bands, 2.4 GHz supports 300 Mbps and 5 GHz supports 433 Mbps.

It has an advanced QoS Engine which optimally distributes traffic between the two wireless bands so that it can deliver better performance.

With the AC750 technology, it can provide great coverage.

The router has 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports along with a USB port.

The device can operate in 0 to 40 degree temperature and 10 to 90 percent non-condensing humidity.

It supports multiple standard IEEE –

  • IEEE 802.11ac, 
  • IEEE 802.11n, 
  • IEEE 802.11g, 
  • IEEE 802.11b, 
  • IEEE 802.11a, and 
  • IEEE 802.3u.

Pros –

  • Combining the speedy ethernet ports and dual-band technology this router is perfect for online gaming, HD video streaming, large media file transfers, and much more.
  • It has the WPS feature so that you can safely add any device to the network.
  • The device is compatible with all broadband internet service providers.


  • The external antennas are fixed, not flexible.

Netgear R6080-100INS AC1000

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 10

Netgear has given us another great product which is perfect for live games, HD media streaming, etc. We fond this to be the best double antenna wifi router in this price segment.

This is also a dual-band wifi router with AC1000 technology.

The two bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz supports 300 + 700 Mbps speed.

There are two external antennas that help in getting strong signals.

The router needs to be controlled using the Netgear Genie app.

It supports 802.11ac wifi standard.

At the back of the device, you will get 4 ethernet ports, one internet port, one DC port, a power button, and a reset button.

The device is mainly for domestic purposes and has great coverage so you can easily use it in a large house.

It works with all N150, N300, N600, and AC devices.


  • The device creates a guest network for other devices to keep the main network safe.
  • Due to the two simultaneous bands, there is no interference in the speed even when multiple devices add to the network.
  • The AC1000 wifi along with the dual technology provides such high sped that multiple devices can stream HD quality video simultaneously without any latency.

Cons –

  • Covering too wide a range can be a bit difficult.

VerdictOur recommendation for the best dual band wifi router for the long-range in India. Excellent for domestic use like watching movies, online gaming, etc.

Tenda AC5 V3 AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 11

Amidst all the black routers here is one white router from Tenda.

This smart wireless router has the 802.11ac Wave 2.0 standard.

The AC5 technology along with the dual bands can offer data transmission at the maximum speed of up to 1167 Mbps.

The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands support 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps speeds respectively.

The 1 GHz high-frequency CPU along with a 28 nm processor helps to provide a stable internet connection.

It is equipped with 4 flexible antennas along with 3 LAN ethernet ports and 1 WAN ethernet port and a WPS button for safety purposes.

The device can be locally as well as remotely managed by the Tenda Wifi App.

Pros –

  • The presence of MU-MIMO and beam-forming technology helps it to deliver a 20% faster internet connection with a strong signal.
  • You can easily migrate the ISP username and password from the router in case you forget.

Cons –

  • Sometimes speed can be a problem.

TP-Link AC1200 Archer A6 Smart WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 12

TP-Link is one of the best wifi router manufacturers in the market.

This stylish looking black color dual band wifi router comes with many first-class features.

It supports both 802.11ac and 802.11a standards.

The two bands, 2.4 GHz with 300 Mbps and 5 GHz with 867 Mbps, can provide up to a maximum speed of 1200 Mbps.

It has 4 external antennas and one internal antenna and together they provide a stable wireless connection with strong signals.

The device is equipped with Gigabit connectivity and has 4-gigabit ethernet ports and one internet port. 

Its MU-MIMO technology helps to achieve 2 times better internet connection than a normal router and its beam-forming technology helps it cover a wider area.

It can be easily controlled using the tether app.

The device supports Access Point mode to create a new wifi access point.

Pros –

  • It has both MU-MIMO and beam-forming technology.
  • The device has both internal and external antennas.
  • This is a mesh wifi router that helps to eliminate the wifi dead zones within its coverage area.
  • At the back, you will find the WPS button for safety purposes.

Cons –

Minor stability issues.

It is the best 5GHz gigabit dual-band MU-MIMO wireless router below 2500INR in India.

D-Link DIR-806 – AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router

Top 10 Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office 13

The last one on the list is a simple dual-band wifi router from D-Link.

This easy to set up a router can provide up to 750 Mbps data transmission rate and has 3 fixed external 5 dBi antennas.

It has four 10 / 100 Mbps LAN ports and one 10/100 Mbps WAN port.

The device is equipped with a built-in firewall system.

It is ideal for home use and is perfect for video streaming and online gaming in multiple devices.

Pros –

  • The router provides WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security.
  • It supports VLAN for IPTV.

Cons –

  • The external antennas are fixed.

Wireless Router buying guide

Until routers came along, everyone had to buy an internet connection for each device in the home.  This proved costly and inefficient.   Then routers came along and enabled us to share one connection.

Routers are devices responsible for sending and receiving data signals on the internet.  This data is transferred in the form of bundles or packets. These routers are your connection to the internet.  They become the agent who directs the data and send it to its destination.   Next came wireless routers.  Wireless Routes have become the average persons easiest and quickest way to connect to the internet- arguably a person’s most important device.  It is a must have in order to access WiFi wherever you go.  At present, we need wireless routers almost wherever we go: at our home, educational institutions, coffee shops, the grocery store.  Even Airplanes offer wireless internet now.  Places of work make the best use of wireless technology supporting devices like PCs, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, smart phones, tablets, Kindles, smart TVs, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast etc. With Wireless routers becoming such a key component if our everyday lives, it’s important to know what to look for when you are in the market for a new ine.  Here is a guide for people who are going to buy a router for the first time, or are looking to replace their old routers.

There are many factors to be considered when looking for a wireless router.  First the speed of the router should be taken into consideration. The individual speed of the band(s) should be checked. Secondly Wi Fi standard should be looked into; the standard should be compatible with the devices that will be connecting to the router. Depending on the need of the user dual bands and USB ports should also be considered.   USB ports will provide the entire network with connection to external devices whereas dual bands tend to distribute the data load thus providing with a consistent speed.  Theses feature will increase the overall price of the router, therefore routers with these features should only be considered if you are sure they will be used. Lastly the network size, type and amount of data and the potential use should be thoroughly considered before the final decision.

After purchase another highly important factor which one should take great care of is the point of locating the router. It should be placed at a spot which helps the flow of signals easily and not create any unwanted hindrance or clash of signals between devices.

Price and Purpose

When buying a wireless router, the first thing you should decide is how much you are willing to pay for it.  Then you should venture into the features and find out what are offered at that price point.  Do not fall for anything fancy without judging the performance.  You will have to remember that you need something which can fulfill your expectation.

Prices of the routers differ based on the features, firmware, the inclusion of ports etc. Usually, you can find a very good wireless router in the price range of $100-$250.  However, if you want shorter or wider network range then the price will go down or up accordingly.  If budget is your main concern, you can find routers in the price range of $25-$50.  Keep in mind that they will not offer the latest and greatest features, but they will work decently. You can peruse product reviews on the internet or talk with the experts to learn what to expect from your router.

The quality of the router you need also depends on your purpose.  If you want a router to browse the web and to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., then you would not need a powerful wireless router. If you are into movies and plan on streaming videos or if you are heavily into online gaming, then you will need a router with more capabilities. Again, places where a lot of different people need a wireless network for various reasons and needs, like companies, offices or university campuses would call for even more powerful and capable wireless routers.  Keep in mind the more powerful and capable your wireless router is, the higher the price point is going to be. In short, go for the router based on your needs.

Wireless Speed

You must have seen 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac etc. numbers on the package of your router. These aren’t just arbitrary numbers; these signify a router’s capacities. A normal web surfer and social media users will obviously need a different kind of router from the serious gamer or movie lovers.  So, with the advancement of technologies, companies are always instigating newer and more powerful wireless network systems.

The latest standard so far is 802.11ac, and it is generally implemented in all the newer wireless routers. The routers with this network standard can transmit up to Gigabit speeds, and it can send and receive data seamlessly within a reasonable range, provided there aren’t too many hindrances in the route between the router and the user. The previous network standard was limited at 600Mbps. So obviously, the new one is a lot faster than the previous network standard.  Naturally the actual speed will be limited by your Inter providor’s speed.

While buying a router, look for the “ac” standard, because that is the best one. However, if your PC, phone or tablet does’nt support the “ac” standard, then you won’t be able to enjoy its full capabilities anyway.  If you see that none of your device support 802.11ac network standard, it will be better for you to not waste your money on a router with 802.11ac standard.

You need to remember that a router’s speed depends on the speed of your home network. It won’t make your Internet connection faster than the speed your server provides. Most companies list the highest bandwidth on their packages. You will notice 350Mb/sec, 1900Mb/sec etc. speed limit, however, you will rarely see that high flow of data in practical usage. If you are only getting a maximum download speed of 5Mbps from your internet service provider, then a router capable of transferring 350Mbps will not be able to make your internet speed any faster. Also, various barriers usually separate your router from your devices and hinder the data flow.

Wireless Router Range

The range of your router can be of monumental importance.  If you live in a two bedroom apartment, you may need a very small range, which can save you some money.  If you live in a large house and want to make sure the whole house is covered it will cost a bit more.  Routers with the “AC” Standard, mentioned above, typically have the widest and most reliable range.  Next in line are the routers using the “N” standard.

Wi-Fi Device Band

Wireless routers can be manufactured with various band systems.  Single-band routers are the least costly ones, work on single radio. But these can be hampered by other nearby devices, which are on the same radio band, such as microwaves, Bluetooth waves of the mobile phones etc. Still, these are alright to use if you only do things like surfing the web using social media etc.  Single band wireless routers work on 2.4GHz frequency.

On the other hand, if you are a movie freak and have the habit of streaming movies and such, or if you are a gamer and use online gaming service, for example, Xbox Live and such, you should consider buying a dual-band router.

Just as the name suggests, dual-band wireless routers have two radios. One of them connects to a 2.4GHz frequency, and the other 5GHz frequency. There are not many household devices or machines which communicate on 5GHz and as a result the 5GHz band is generally not as crowded as the 2.4GHz band.  With marginal signal hindrance the flow of data is smoother when using 5GHz .  For this reason, dual-band ones are perfect for streaming videos and gaming purposes. With the dual-band routers, you can appoint each band to various particular duties, and in this way you can increase the capacity and decrease the burden of both of the bands. Sometimes you will find some dual-band routers, which actually possess single radio that can work on either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz frequency, not both simultaneously.

Then we can talk about the tri-band routers. Like the other twos, these have three radios, just as the name suggests. One of the radios in this router operates at a 2.4GHz frequency and the other two operate at the 5GHz frequency. These types of routers are efficient in places where multiple devices work at the same time and thus go through busy network traffic because of lots of downloading, streaming of videos, transferring files, online gaming etc. These are ideal for offices, university campuses and larger scale networks.

Companies have focused manufacturing on dual-band routers but now many are starting to bring out more tri-band routers because of its increased demand and popularity.  With the massive development in the tech field, there would be more upgraded versions surely.

Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi networks are very convenient but they can be more vulnerable than a normal wired network if you aren’t careful.  If you do nothing at all to protect and secure your wireless network, anyone within range and the right tools can cause all sorts of problems. For example, they can spy on your online activities, steal your internet data, and worse they can get admittance to any of the files stored your hard disk, even infect your systems with viruses.  Below we will look at the different security settings you should be sure to consider when purchasing a new router.


Be sure to check that the router you are buying at the very least supports WPA2. Moreover, every device you connect to your Wi-Fi should also support WPA2 for this security system to operate properly.  If all your devices are not secure enough, troublemakers can get access to your network through that device. There are also some routers with extra security facilities. These are ideal mainly for business companies. These routers come with many additional configurations, like creating a guest network, adding encryption, blocking unwanted devices from the Wi-Fi system etc. With these ones you even see who are using your internet.

Furthermore, be sure to check if your router has parental controls system. This system will allow you to limit network access and usage duration for certain. Moreover, parents can keep tabs on their children’s online activities, if they wish to.

In a nutshell, security is one of the important features. You  simply cannot ignore this issue. Some of us even deal with thousands of financial transactions online and a tiny, little glitch may make you bankrupt. Nobody wants this to happen!

Quality of Service (QoS)

The quality of Service (QoS) is a set of machinery within the router device which retains specific resources for various usages.

For example, if you use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, for telephone service, QoS will allow you to configure the router to assure that data flow is high for that service. So that in case someone is downloading or sharing large files using your router, while you’re using the telephone service, it will not affect the quality of your call.

QoS can also enhance your network’s performance in case of movie streaming, online gaming etc. it will not necessarily increase your network’s bandwidth or the speed of your internet connection, however, it can make the best use of what you actually have.

Ethernet ports

An ethernet port is a plug in the back of the router where you can plug in a wired device with a LAN cable (CAT5).  Make sure that your router has no less than 4 Ethernet ports.

USB support 

There are USB ports on most routers. You need to know the use of each port. For some routers, the USB ports are there only to transmit setup information, such as ID and password, from the router to the user through a USB memory key.  With some of the quality routers, you can use network-attached USB storage devices. The system allows you to plug a USB storage device into your router and then all devices connected your network will have access to that storage device.  This can be a pretty handy feature.  In addition, you can connect printers via this port. Many routers use a combination of both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, while some only have one of these. If you need only one USB port make sure that it is USB 3.0 to make the best use of this system.

Generally, devices with USB 3.0 work at the port of USB 2.0 as well, however, that is not something recommended for all of the gadgets. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your options of using different devices are wide open.


Warranty is a very important thing to consider while buying a wireless router.  You must make sure the device is guaranteed properly and the seller offers a return policy if you’re not happy at all with your device.  Most importantly, be aware of fake wire routers. Check for all the important seals and monograms.  Take some code reading devices and scan the barcode or QR code if it makes you feel better. After all you are going to be paying quite a hefty amount of money for your wireless router; you do not want to be cheated in this case. So, it is better to pay more to ensure warranty. At least you will have something to claim, if anything goes wrong.


Having a wifi router is very essential during this pandemic period when we are constantly sitting at home and using the internet for everything, the whole day.

Mobile data packs do not provide that unlimited usage facility which you can enjoy if you have a wifi connection at home. 

Binge-watching your favorite series or roaming between Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube for the whole day is not possible without having a wifi router.

Also having a wifi router means you have to spend less on recharging your mobile data packs.

So, go ahead check the list, study the important factors that need to be considered and get a router for yourself.