With the technology around us, there are numerous innovative and reliable ways for you to save your photos. Many documents and photos can be saved on cloud services, online storage or laptop drives with the technology we have. In fact, all of this can be done without splashing a buck. Most of the online drive services we have offer around 5 to 15 GB of free storage without spending any money.

We all know the importance of a good printer in our daily life. Printers have been around for a long time and sure make routine work convenient as we don’t have to run at the Xerox store all the time. So, for anyone looking to buy an affordable printer for their home office or to just make things easy, we present the 5 best printers under Rs 5000.

This is the perfect opportunity for people to save documents and important pictures for a long time to come. But, while all of us would want a paperless environment around us, that isn’t something we can possibly experience anytime soon. Knowing the times we live in hard copy documents play an important part in communication and printers play an even important role in giving shape to these documents.

Hence, you need the best printer in the market to make sure that you are able to print pictures, documents and what not. While getting a printer for work or home is kind of a necessity, buyers do not often have the right budget with them. Although quality in printers is said to be directly related to the cost, what you need to know is that you can get a good quality printer in a limited budget as well. All you have to do is search the market and look for the best output in the range you have.

In this guide we look at the best printers for under $50 and help make the buying process easier for you. Budget purchases if done right can give you full bang for your buck. Your limited budget shouldn’t divert you from the opportunity of getting the best quality products in the market. Here we mention some of the best printers for under 50, along with a guide on how to make the purchase easier.


HP Deskjet 2131

First up on the list of best printers under Rs 5000, we have a printer that has gotten quite a lot of attention in all E-Retail sites. The Deskjet 2131 is an extremely affordable All in One photo Printer that comes with a plethora of functions. The printer has been designed with looks and simplicity in mind. You can easily print, scan and copy with just a touch of a button. The lightweight compact design will ensure you can fit this little guy easily in your office or home desk without compromising much on space.

Since the printer is in the affordable section, special care has also been taken to ensure the cartridges for the printer last twice as long compared to conventional printers. The HP printer assistant that the company provides with every printer also helps save money on every page you print. However, keep in mind that 2131 will not be able to match laser printing quality but for the average home user, this is not bad at all.


  • Print Speed: 7.5 ppm (black and white), 5.5 ppm (colour)
  • Paper capacity: 60 sheets
  • Maximum print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Number of print cartridges: 2 (1 black, 1 Tri-color)


Ricoh SP111

Next up on the list is a laser printer that surprisingly comes under the 5K list. The Ricoh SP 111 is a printer that comes in the lower range of laser printers but still manages to provide decent performance and quality.

Ricoh has claimed that the SP 111 is completely jam free which just might make the difference between you buying this or not. Keep in mind though, that the SP 111 is Monochrome which essentially means that it won’t be able to print colour pages. If you’re looking for a laser printer that prints in colour mode, you’ll have to expand your budget a lot since they work on supply and demand.

The SP 111 is a relatively heavy (10 KG) compared to normal Deskjet or inkjet printers but that’s only because of the laser mechanism it possesses. Although heavy in size it still isn’t that big in the measurement scale meaning you can easily place it in your work area. The SP 111 also comes with an inbuilt fan which will allow you to print your documents without disturbing others or yourself. Definitely, go for this one if an affordable laser printer is what you’re looking for.


  • 16PPM
  • 1200*600 DPI
  • High-Speed USB2.0
  • Windows XP Home Edition, XP Professional, XP Professional x64 Edition, Vista, Win7, Win8, Server2003/2008/2012


Canon Pixma E477

Canon is well known for its efficient Inkjet printers and the Pixma E477 is no different. Inkjet printers are best used for printing colour photographs and portfolios. Even though they will print normal documents, all the same, a Deskjet is recommended for the latter. So, the Pixma is for all the peeps out there who are more focused on the visual side rather than textual.

The Pixma E477 comes armed with Cannon’s latest printing technology that gives efficient affordable printing. The E477 is wireless which means you can easily connect it to your home Wi-Fi and use that to wirelessly print your photos and documents. A software initiative called Pixma Cloud Link also gives you the option to print directly from online sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also print directly from your smartphone by installing an application called Selphy from the Play Store.

Even though the E477 goes a little higher in terms of cost, it still manages to make that up with its low-cost cartridges and efficient printing.

  • Specifications
  • Upto 4800X600 dpi print resolution
  • 600X1200 dpi scan resolultion-CIS
  • ISO print speed 8.0/4.0 ipm(Bk/Clr)
  • Ink Efficient Cartridge
  • Black-400 pages
  • Colour 180 pages
  • PIXMA printing solutions, google cloud print- Access point mode


HP Deskjet 3636

Both the printers now are actually fighting a head to head battle because both the models are made with almost identical specs and by the same company too. The Deskjet 3636 is an All in One printer which is on the premium side of printers and this is because systems under the hood have been beefed up to give faster printing output and extremely low cost.

The 3636 provides page output of up to 21 pages per minute which is significantly high compared to low-end models. The printer also boasts of a page cycle of 1,000 duty cycle which is impressively high and only goes to show off its durability. The printer is also completely wireless so you can easily print anything from your mobile or PC without unnecessary cables.

As this printer stands on the very edge of the budget, we recommend you to check the next one out before you finalise on anything.


  • Print speed: Up to 8.5/6ppm (ISO) (Black/Color)
  • 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0
  • Resolution(best): Black: Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered
  • Dpi Color: Up to 4800 x 120 optimized dpi
  • Scanning via HP Photosmart Software
  • Mobile integration, wifi multitasking
  • Duty Cycle: Up to 1,000 pages
  • 60-sheet input tray, 25-sheet output tray
  • One free cartridge in the box worth Rs.475/-


HP Deskjet 3835

Last on the list of best printers under Rs 5000 and the direct competitor the previous 3636 is the Ink Advantage 3835 which has received a lot of attention online. The 3835 comes from a new line of printers HP launched which specifically combat the problem of high printing cost and expensive cartridges.

The 3835 uses HP 680 colour and black and white cartridges which are touted to be extremely cost efficient and high quality. The printer is also an All in One which gives the user the freedom to scan, copy, print etc. The 3835 has received a lot of positive reviews over its high printing speed and it’s extremely cost efficient methods.

If you prefer better looks and more efficient printing, do consider the 3835 as a buy.

  • Specifications
  • Max Print Resolution (Colour)
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Max Print Resolution (Mono)
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Duty cycle (monthly, A4)
  • 1000 pages
  • First Print Out Time (Color)
  • 17 sec
  • First Print Out Time (Mono)
  • 14 sec
  • Cost per Page (Color) – As per ISO Standards: Rs. 3.66
  • Cost per Page (Black)- As per ISO Standards: Rs. 1.15

Best Printer for Under 5000 Buyers Guide

For many small business owners and homeowners, printers are an important purchase. Small business owners cannot go paperless just yet, and homeowners realize that the need to print pictures and documents from the internet can come at any given time. Hence, it is always good to have a decent printer with you to make the process of printing easier for you.

While it is important for you to buy the best printer in the market, it is also necessary that you keep your budget in perspective. You just cannot ignore your budget, as you need to remain inside of it. We have already mentioned 5 budget printers above, and now we mention the guide you should follow for finalizing the purchase and choosing the best printer out of the lot.

Things to Consider

There are numerous things or features you should consider before buying your very own printer. Going for the wrong printer can prove to be detrimental for you, which is why it is necessary that you follow the rules in the books to check every due consideration with the attention that is required from your side. Here we mention some of the key features you should make sure are present so that you are able to get your hands on the best printer present within the market.

Inkjet or Laser

While there isn’t that big of a price difference between the both of them currently, but you should know what kind of printing technology you would want to have behind the printer you buy. Your printer should either be inkjet or laser, as these are the two more prominent technologies and patterns making rounds in the market.

Toners and ink cartridges happen to vary in budget, which is why your printer maintenance and running costs can vary from case to case. You would want to have the best printer on your hands, so that you have nothing to rue when you finally start using your printer on a consistent basis.


You should preferably know the kind of functions you would want to have in the printer that you buy. Some buyers are satisfied with having a printer and a photocopier, but others want to have an all-in-one printer, where they can print, photocopy, scan and fax stuff whenever the need be. To understand your answer to this, you should asses the needs that you have at your home or workplace. If there is a need for scanning and faxing paper documents back and forth, then you should go for a printer that has the additionally functions as well.

Image Quality

The image quality a printer can provide you is the next thing that you should consider during the buying process. To understand the kind of quality to go for, it is ideal that you sit down and understand the needs that you have from the image you are printing. Some design companies require printers that provide optimal image quality. However, if you aren’t a design company, you can go for some other kind of printer based on the needs you have. You don’t want to buy a printer, only to find out that the image quality isn’t in line with what you have in mind.

Print Speed

Different printers come with different printing speeds. The printing speed is ideal for determining just how long it will take for you to print a bunch of papers. The more paper you need printed, the faster you would want your printer’s printing speed to be. A printer that does not have the ideal printing speed will not be able to meet the needs that you have in mind.


If you are completely obsessed with wireless connectivity, then a printer that provides you with the same can be perfect for you. There are numerous printers present in the market that provide all kinds of connectivity options to you. You should make sure that you have your needs in perspective, so that you can get the right paper printing option for yourself.

If you plan on accessing your printer through a mobile device as well, it would suit you better to go for a printer that provides wireless connectivity. Bluetooth technology is a rage in printers, and you can get one that has the relevant technology installed. If you want to go for a simpler connection, you can get that too at a lower price.

Paper Handling

You should also keep in perspective the paper considered perfect for a specific printer. A printer that is ideal for printing cardstock and photo papers cannot parallel a printer that is ideal for printing on regular blank paper. You should consider your needs to determine what kind of printer you should be looking for. The size of the paper, the size of the tray, the kind of paper you want printed and many other factors should be taken into due consideration on your side. If you are required to print large pieces of papers in your office or workplace, then you shouldn’t waste money on a normal sized printer.

Available Space

You should also take the available space you have in your home or your office into perspective before buying a printer. Some printers take up more space while others happen to be more compact. There is no direct or inverse relationship between the size of the printer and the quality of the output given, which is why you can go for whatever option you deem best for your needs. If you have more space inside your home or office, you can easily find a bigger printer to meet your needs.

Other Running Costs

The running and maintenance costs required for a printer should never be ignored. The running and maintenance costs required for maintaining a printer help determine just how much expense you will incur with the printer on your hands. The running cost can include the costs of keeping the printer on for elongated hours and the cost it takes you for maintaining and repairing the printer when the time comes. All of these costs are important for the process and can influence your purchase decision.


Finally, the cost of the printer should be the last thing you consider as part of your buying process. The cost of the printer is an important metric as it helps determine just how much you would have to pay for the printer. The printer should be within your budget and you shouldn’t have to break your bank for it. Paying too much for a printer can often be a bit careless, which is why you need to be within your budget. You already have plenty of problems on your head and dealing with an expensive printer is the last thing you want to go through.

Stack Of Paper

Just like ink, if you are buying a cheap printer that comes with fewer sheets of papers, you will need to buy paper sheets separately. So, you should consider if a printer comes with a set of paper sheets.

Number Of Ink Colours

You need to gauge your printing need here. Some printers come with 2 color ink cartridges, some with 4 or 6. If you need more color diversity in your prints, you can make use of more colors.

A cheap printer does not mean you can’t have good quality. You only need to search for the right option that stays within budget and provide everything you need or want in your printer.

Final Thoughts

With a review of the best printers for under $50 and a buying guide that you should follow, you are now all set to buy a budget printer for your office or home. Your printer can help make documentation and other business-related work easier for you, which is why it is a must in this day and age. The tips we have mentioned here should get you started, which is why it is necessary that you go through this article in great detail.

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